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lunedì 30 maggio 2011



Honorable Mention "LOS ANGELES MOVIES AWARDS" 2011

A Film by The Forte Siblings 

produced by ERE. BISTOURY

URBAN STORIES is a contemporary dramatic feature film that follows several Immigrants of different nationalities as they adapt to life in Miami. The stories unfold through stylistic camera work that interrelates the eight vignettes, pushing the boundaries of independent cinema.

The stories take place in a gritty, modern landscape, where people arrive in search of a better life and economic conditions, hoping to achieve the American dream. All of them are quickly immersed in an urban space that appears to be beautiful and full of opportunities while also being filled with obstacles and human drama.

Although each story is a gritty, dramatic character study, the goal is to send audiences a message hope and better understanding of the human condition.

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